Saturday, May 23, 2015

Zigzag Postcard Book

I took one of the online classes offered at His Kingdom Come called Zigzag Postcard Book.
It was a total of five different techniques on 6x4 Watercolor paper (or you could also use Mixed Media paper.)   You attach all your finished pieces to make the book with a piece of cloth.   You also have the backs of the book to decorate.    I really enjoyed doing this class.

Here is my finished book - the front cover, the backs of my pages, & the front technique pages.
The 5 techniques used are:
Wet Watercolor and Cling Wrap
Paper Piecing
(which I really messed up on...so I ended up painting mine)
Mini File Folder
Watercolor wet on wet


  1. Gorgeous. I love zigzag books. I can see you enjoyed this class, lovely and vibrant pages.

  2. Lovely work. Thank you for your comments on my blog.