Thursday, April 2, 2015

She Loves 2 Art Class - Lesson 5

I am taking an Art Class through His Kingdom Come that is taught by Tara McGuire - Her Blessed Designs.    This is a 10 lesson workshop.  The main focus of  She Loves 2 is to create and gain knowledge of how much God loves and cherishes you!

This lesson is called Wonderfully New
Here is what I created for it.
 The background was made using spray inks.  In this lesson we were to use our own body prints.  So I did both my foot and my hand.  It was really fun painting my foot and making my foot print...and also doing the same with my hand.  It was messy :-)   I then painted on the heart and wrote on the Scriptures.


  1. I LOVE this! Its really effective. Love the sprayed backround and how you used your hand and foot, must have been so much fun :)