Monday, October 5, 2015

God's Aviary Class at HKC

I just finished up a five part class at His Kingdom Come called God's Aviary

God’s Aviary is a combination of a bible study or research paper and a technique based project. The 5 classes each start from the theme of birds in the Bible and the symbolism and meaning we can discover.

The five classes were put on by the five Foundation Team Members
Mary Brack - Birds
Merri Dennis - Nests
Shonna Bucaroff - Sparrows
Diane Marra - Doves
Bernice Hopper - Eagles

Here is the Birds Class
Here is the Nests Class
Here is the Sparrows Class
Here is the Doves Class
Here is the Eagles Class

I really enjoyed this five part class a lot!  I learned so much about these birds, but more importantly their symbolism in the Bible representing God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.    So much to learn!   Each foundation team member put so much hard work into creating these classes for us!


  1. Wow, sounds like a wonderful class and you had so much fun. So many pages, they are lovely and what a great record to have of everything you learnt.

  2. Fabulous pages and what a wonderful study it sounds to be. It is on my wish list for sure.

  3. I love how they all turned out and I'm so happy that you learned about the bird meanings in the Bible!!

  4. You're pages look inspiring. What a great idea they had for a series on birds. I totally missed it.