Sunday, January 6, 2013

About Me........

Hi, I'm Debbie.  I am brand new to blogging...........  
I have been married to my husband John for 26 years.  We have two adult children...our 24 year old son Major, and our 20 year old daughter Feather.   We also have our "added on" son Zakk  (Zakk is an artist, he drew our family picture.)  We have two cats (Princess and Persayis) and one dog (Lilly).   Zakk also has a cat, Mr. Kitty

My hobbies are sewing and doing crafts.  I like to make garments, but I also do alterations.  I like to do all kinds of crafts...but my two most favorite things to do are woodburning and creating tags and stats in Paint Shop Pro.
I attend a Women's Bible Study Fellowship (BSF).  This year we are studying the book of Genesis.   Awesome study!

My hubby John retired last May.  I can actually say I am enjoying it (needless to say though not as much as he is enjoying it..)    We became "empty nesters" last July.   That has been a real struggle for me.   Especially in the beginning.....but with time I am adjusting better.

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